Covering the Groom - Why a Second Shooter is a Necessity

Often times during the planning stages of a wedding the main focus is on the bride.




I encourage all of my couples to spend time planning their wedding together. While it’s easy for the bride to take over because we’ve been dreaming of our wedding for decades, this day is about BOTH of you. Along the way it is easy for your groom to just get swept around in pre-wedding madness. What I’ve learned from extensive wedding coverage is that, the more moments you include the groom in the better. For instance, finding things you love to do together create beautiful center pieces or writing letters to each other about how wonderful this day is and how you feel about HIM being at the end of that aisle.

Second Shooters at weddings I am hired for are equally talented and capture the different magical moments from creative angles. Having the number two gives you an advantage because candid emotions or hilarious mishaps at your wedding will not be missed. My favorite part of offering a second shooter to my clients is the awesome, fun groom prep before the wedding. Check out these groomsmen playing Smash Brothers in the hotel room full dressed in wedding gear.

Or these guys that celebrated the groom’s big day by taking a shot together.

And it’s not just the fun moments, but rather the getting ready that creates a complete story of your day. Leaving the groom out of your photography plan is like missing a chapter in the beginning of a book.


Second shooters are important on your wedding day because

  • Grooms typically get ready at an alternate location than the bride
  • The groom is just as important as brides on your wedding day
  • First looks with the groom have two view points (main shooter and second shooter)
  • Telling a complete story of your day is my main priority and I always recommend to my couples that they have two shooters that are equally talented and ready to make your day a breeze.