Congratulations! You are engaged and planning an epic celebration to show off your commitment to the one you love. Weddings are such a joy to me and I love to see how each couple incorporates the people and things that they love most for their big day.

Whether you are planning an intimate wedding reception or a magical elopement with epic scenery, your day deserves to be filled with love and excitement. Wedding photography is one of the most important decisions you'll make for your day, so choose the photographer that speaks to your soul, brings you to tears, and makes you smile all at the same time.

Your love, your story, your art.

If you are ready to wander in the woods or hike a mountain or take a long walk on the beach; we will make a great team! I am one of those people that cries during military homecoming videos and cheesy videos of a guy giving his girlfriend a puppy. Honestly, if you don’t get a little emotional about seemingly silly things are you even human? Either way, you need to know this because romantic moments, big and small gestures of true love get to me.

Whether you are throwing an intimate wedding with you, your lover, and a few of your closest friends or taking a getaway to (maybe, secretly) elope, I am here to be your photographer that captures the emotion.