Empowerment sessions are maybe my all time favorite thing… other than bread and brownies..because I love to find females that are feeling themselves. And if you aren’t yet? Don’t worry after our session together you will be. The entire goal of our session together is for you to leave loving yourself more whether there are stretch marks, scars, or a six pack. Everyone deserves to truly look at themselves with a deep and passionate love. Since I know the majority of women don’t feel like this, I’ve made it my mission to help any woman I meet feel better about themselves.

Every woman deserves to love herself in her own skin.

Goddess sessions are geared to empower you & show off the parts of you that you love. I am incredibly passionate about helping women be the best version of themselves. Along the way of my own self-acceptance I found that the true way to love myself is to embrace the stretch marks that made me a momma twice & unapologetically accept the path I’ve taken through life. The me that I am now is a very confident and empowered woman and I want EVERY woman to experience the unstoppable feeling of owning who they are!

For boudoir sessions, whether they are on-location on an adventure elopement or in your home the investment will be the same. This investment will leave you feeling empowered no doubt. If the session is a gift to someone else, there are additional products like your very own Little Black Book or a short video that can be included in your session.

The goal for your boudoir session is to give who ever sees these pictures all the feels.