Last year I had the amazing opportunity to photograph Alexia, a brave and totally amazing little girl from my daughter's school. We were linked up by an amazing organization called the Magic Hour Foundation. I was more than happy to capture their real life on a cold, rainy October day when our plans for an outdoor session were ruined by the infamous fall rain in New Jersey.

I asked Maria to share a little of her daughter's story because I feel like just sharing these images isn't enough.

Alexia was diagnosed last December with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia . We were able to leave CHOP on her 5th birthday and her cancer journey began. I was shocked and never imagined anything like this could happened to my child but grateful we had just PCS’ed to McGuire and able to get her the best care. Her strength and attitude is something I am incredibly proud of. We are always here to support other families in need through tough time. Alexia will hopefully be done with treatment by February 2021. It is a long road still ahead of us but we’ve learned community support to help lift you up is one of the most valuable things you can have.