Meeting Oliver and Diana was such a treat because you could really feel how their ceremony was crafted specifically for their love story. From the moment I arrived to shoot groom prep with Oliver, his friends and family were hilariously deciding between eating day old ribs or just waiting until they got to the wedding. Overall, the groomsmen had me cracking up while we got ready for Oliver's moment. The ceremony officiated by their good friend included personal moments and hilarious throwbacks to how the universe would bring these two love birds together.

The Evergreen...

was breathtaking, a photographer's paradise with epic doors, beautiful archways and breathtaking stairs. I always love when we can spend an entire day at one location and the Evergreen Museum provides that for it's couples. Unique structures and beautiful landscaping make for the perfect venue.

The reception was an awesome party filled with pure joy, from the DJ bringing down the house to intimate moments from the anniversary dance, the two families (now united as one) came to show Oliver and Diana some serious love!

Two forevers and two days.