Often times mothers are behind the camera

This is why our community of photographers is dedicated to getting together and having what we call a shoot out. Not your gunslingers in an old cowboy town type of shoot out but one where we capture the love each of us has for our children.

Sayen Gardens

quickly became one of my favorite spots to take families and couples because you can go there multiple times and never get the same scenery. The living garden is always changing with the seasons and there are plenty of nooks and crannies to plant yourself in.

Why is it important to have your portraits taken?

Little's Don't Stay Little

We've all heard it, but it is so true. Kids grow up so fast and as we're moving about our regularly scheduled programming it's easy to get swept up in our schedule. Even looking back at this session from earlier this year my kids have changed so much! Without these photos I wouldn't see just how much my son's hair has grown, how much older my daughter looks and acts, and just how deep their relationship has grown.

You work hard on those kids, momma!

This goes without saying, but you've put a lot of work into making sure these kids aren't just surviving but THRIVING! You deserve the time to be with your kids, experience true loving moments with them and have someone else there to capture it. Even my husband doesn't take photos of me with the kids in everyday life so I know the struggle of having ZERO photos with the people you spend 98% of you day with.

Prints to pass down in the future

Prints are so important! Let me say that again, PRINTS ARE SO IMPORTANT! I've known many photographers that have been contacted about photos that were taken of children with a loved one that absolutely cherish that photo after that person passed away. Not only that but I want my kids to see what they looked like, what they enjoyed doing, and the experiences they will most likely forget about if I don't print these pictures, put them in an album and give it to them in the future.