Hey, meet my family!

It is so easy for me to capture my own children in their authentic form...

Obviously, because I know them the best. My husband (Trebor) and I made a quick trip out to Smithville Mansion for a session this week. We explored, encouraged the kids to be free and play with what was around and allowed their minds to be the creators of this session. I always strive to find the balance of authentic and beautiful moments for clients just like I would my own family's session.

Spending the summer away from our children was probably way harder for us then it was for them, so since they've been back I have been extra loving and extra sentimental. Constantly blown away by just how much my children changed in the ten weeks away with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and family friends.

Our session at Smithville Mansion in Eastampton, New Jersey was lit perfectly by the supposedly fall weather... if you live here you know fall is not even close to what we've had this week.

Welcome to Fall!

With love,

The Burns'