A very special day for me is capturing moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. My kids spent their entire summer away in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. When my mother-in-law (aka Gan Gan) came back with the kids I knew a session with her and her grandchildren would be so special, special for me, the kids, and her. We spent the afternoon at Sayen Gardens in Hamilton, New Jersey.

Granddaughter hugging grandmother at park in Hamilton, New Jersey during intimate special moments session

The kids are absolutely infatuated with their grandmother and I don't blame them. She is loving, caring, and adores every moment she gets to spend with them.

Prompted to make his sister laugh, brother makes silly faces in the garden behind Sayen House at Sayen Gardens, NJ.
Grandson smiles as grandmother while sitting on the bench in the garden behind Sayen House at Sayen Garden, New Jersey
Brother and sister (grandkids) hold hands while watching the fountain in the pond at Sayen Gardens, also spotting coy.

Other than adoring their grandparents, Stella and Adric have such a unique sibling bond. They are very much best friends and I feel so honored that I get to witness their bond on a daily basis.

Granddaughter hugging grandmother at the park while grandmother sits in the garden area of Sayen Gardens, New Jersey