This week I was honored to be a part of the retirement ceremony at McGuire Air Force Base for Chief Thomas. The Thomas family welcomed me in and brought me along on a day of touring the KC10, the aircraft that Chief Thomas worked for a large part of his career as an Airman. Seeing and learning from an experienced Flight Engineer made the experience special for his entire family. The pride radiated from Chief as he explained every part of the aircraft to his extended family.

During the ceremony, the list of accomplishments and dedication to his job was described by many of those that he has worked with and mentored along the way. Emotional moments and realizing that this chapter of his life was now being closed highlighted the afternoon. Congratulations Chief and the entire Thomas family on making nearly three decades of sacrifice. Each person that congratulated Joey Thomas during the reception spoke so highly of him and thanked him for his unwavering mentorship throughout the years.

Good luck with your new adventure and enjoy retirement!