The Ivey's

A beautiful family of six joined me at Sayen Gardens in Hamilton, New Jersey this week for their annual family photo. Their session was full of exploring a garden surrounded by city, climbing rocks, and seeing three deer up close!

Being a parent is full of moments that will one day slip our memories and the memories of our children. The impression we hope to leave on our children is that they were fully loved, supported, and we were dedicated to creating wonderful human beings. Photography provides a portal into the family you had on that day. Each day new habits are formed, new words are learned and the little in between moments change.

Who doesn't love a bribe containing chocolate, dinner out to eat AND dessert! Jacquie brought out all the stops because she wanted some genuine smiles from her kids. Family sessions are 100% an experience and I like to just see how each child explores new areas.

Thankfully, we got a good mix of sass, smiles, and silliness.

We absolutely love the Ivey's and I was so honored to capture each of their unique personalities during our time together. See more information about Sayen Gardens here or other sessions from Sayen here.